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Table of Contents

  1. Accessibility, Know restrictions / Corona update
  2. About the banner
  3. Credits
  4. Video previews
  5. Cheat sheet/passphrase answers
  6. Picture credits


Not every place can by easily reached by physically impaired agents (barrierefrei), but most of them.
Not every place is open 24/7 - but when you to the banner at normal daytime you should get in reach of every portal.

Known restrictons

Corona update April 2020: As a general rule we as banner creators recommend to stay at home in these special times. While most portals are still reachable, some might be not due to legal restrictions. We cannot confirm from remote whether the places just stopped their touristic program or locked out the public. And we all know that most castles are built to do this in an excellent way. 

But if you still want to do a tour, you might want to leave out the following missions just to be sure (please report updates):
6/24 - Burg Satzvey
9/24 - Burg Nideggen
12/24 - Burg Stolberg
16/24 Zitadelle Jülich
19/24 - Schloss Paffendorf

A little planning has to be done when you want to make a big tour. Missions 19 and 24 have limited access times. Plan your tour around these times. Other places might have seasonal events, which won't limit your entry, but may "force" you to buy a ticket and enjoy the show. But since these might be cool medieval games (Satzvey) or awesome light shows (Zülpich), they will absolutely enhance your trip with unique sightings.

Mission 6, Burg Satzvey: It's accessible 24/7, but there are a lot of special events that require an extra entry fee. But they are of high quality and absolutely worth the money.
Mission 7, Landesburg Zülpich: Open 24/7, just with occasional entry fee to some cool events.
Mission 11, Schloss Merode: Open 24/7, just with occasional entry fee to some cool events.
Mission 12, Burg Stolberg: Closed after sunset, but portals are accessible from the outside. You just cannot take the short route through the court but have to walk around the castle and find the right spots near the walls where the scanner is in range.
Mission 19, Schloss Paffendorf: Restricted opening times! Apr–Sep: MON - FRI: 11.30 – 20.00, SAT - SUN: 10.00 – 20.00, Okt – Mar: MON - FRI: 11.30 – 18.00, SAT - SUN: 10.00 – 18.00 . And additional events.
Mission 24, Schloss Augustusburg: Restricted opening times! From 08:00 to 17:00 you're always are able to enter the park.. The park is usually open from sunrise to sunset. Since this changes a lot throughout the year, they have an opening calendar.

About the banner

The idea was born in May 2019 when Rainer (agent Perkins45 ) and I discussed cool places and routes in our region in a telegram chat. We both longed for a long time to visit the cool places along the official water castle route in the Rhineland area of Germany. It features 33 unique castles and let you dive deep into the medieval era.

But will anyone ever be so crazy to do a banner with 380km in lenght? No way!
So we reduced it to 24 castles and now it's only a trip of 260km. But since this is still a great distance we didn't make a big banner picture that only looks nice in your agent profile when you do all of them in the right order.

We went to make it mission day style with a common design element in the pictures. So if you only want to do 6 missions it will still look pretty in your mission list. Anyone who checks it out will immediately see that this adventurous agent visited some really awesome places.

A cool idea for route planning but a bad idea for the workload on mission creation. We couldn't use free pictures from Wikimedia Commons because Ingress doesn't allow us to give credit for the photographer in the right way of the creative commons license.

But after all we both love to take photos of our trips and we did had to do on-site checks of accessibility anyway. So we went the hard way and did take almost every pictures by ourselves. Only one picture was submitted by fellow agent Gargish and another one by a colleague of mine (Stephan U.).

After all it took 5 months to get everything in place, check the missions, pick the pictures and to write mission descriptions that help to solve the passphrases.


Perkins45: Creator and senior mission designer
Nelkon: Co-creator and director of photography
Vreezy: On-site mission checker
Gargish: On-site mission checker and photographer of Burg Wilhelmstein
54m: accompanied Nelkon at some picture tours

Video previews

As a teaser we show you some videos that were shot while we took the pictures for the banner. We think that they explain very well why we fell in love with these places.

Missions 1, 2 & 3: Castles Gudenau, Lüftelberg, Heimerzheim

Mission 6: Burg Satzvey

A set of Instagram-Stories:

Mission 11 & 13 - Castle Merode and Frankenberg

Mission 18, 19, 20, 23 - Castles Bedburg, Paffendorf, Türnich and Gracht:

Mission 21- Castle Konradsheim:

Mission 22 - Landesburg Lechenich:

Mission 24 - Castle Augustusburg:

Bonus: Castle Drachenburg. It's not part of our banner because we didn't wanted to you to cross the river rhine, but it's part of the official watercastle route and since we visited it too (it was part of my bucket list), here are some impressions of this marvelous example of romantic architecture:

Cheat sheet/Passphrase answers

Here are the anwswers to the questions. It's not very hard to find the answers on site and within the game, but it's always good to have an online reference. You decide the way you play.

Wasserburgen-Route 1 / 24Burg Gudenau1560
Wasserburgen-Route 2/24Burg Lüftelberg1260
Wasserburgen-Route 3/24Burg Heimerzheim1324
Wasserburgen-Route 4/24Schloss Miel2000
Wasserburgen-Route 5/24Burg Flamersheim1358
Wasserburgen-Route 6/24Burg Satzvey1981
Wasserburgen-Route 7/24Landesburg Zülpich1288
Wasserburgen-Route 8/24Burg Hengebach2009
Wasserburgen-Route 9/24Burg Nideggen1177
Wasserburgen-Route 10/24Schloss Burgau1975
Wasserburgen-Route 11 /24Schloss Merode1174
Wasserburgen-Route 12 /24Burg Stolberg1888
Wasserburgen-Route 13 /24Burg Frankenberg1352
Wasserburgen-Route 14 /24Burg Wilhelmstein1265
Wasserburgen-Route 15/24Burg Dürboslar1478
Wasserburgen-Route 16/24Zitadelle Jülich 1543
Wasserburgen-Route 17/24Schloss Hambach+Burg Obbendorf1995
Wasserburgen-Route 18 /24Schloss Bedburg1922
Wasserburgen-Route 19 /24Schloss Paffendorf 1976
Wasserburgen-Route 20 /24Schloss Türnich1757
Wasserburgen-Route 21 /24Burg Konradsheim1337
Wasserburgen-Route 22 /24Landesburg Lechenich1307
Wasserburgen-Route 23 /24Schloss Gracht1957
Wasserburgen-Route 24 /24Schloss Augustusburg1984

Mission pictures and picture credits

Burg Gudenau. Pic by Nelkon.

Burg Heimerzheim. Pic by Nelkon.

Burg Lüftelberg. Pic by Nelkon.

Schloss Miel. Pic by Nelkon.

Schloss Flamersheim. Pic by Nelkon.

Burg Satzvey. Pic by Perkins45

Landesburg Zülpich. Pic by Perkins45

Burg Hengebach. Pic by Perkins45.

Burg Nideggen. Pic by Nelkon.

Schloss Burgau. Pic by Perkins45

Schloss Merode. Pic by Nelkon.

Burg Frankenberg. Pic by Nelkon

Burg Dürboslar. Pic by Perkins45.

Zitadelle Jülich. Pic by Perkins45

Burg Hambach. Pic by Perkins45.

Burg Bedburg. Pic by Nelkon.

Burg Paffendorf. Pic by Nelkon.

Schloss Türnich. Pic by Nelkon.

Burg Konradsheim. Pic by Nelkon.

Landesburg Lechenich. Pic by Nelkon.

Schloss Gracht. Pic by Nelkon.

Schloss Augustusburg. Pic by Nelkon.

Burg Stolberg. Pic by Stephan U.

Burg Wilhelmstein. Pic by Gargish.


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