Portal Background: Flak Rondorf

My faith in Wayfarer reviews got restored a little bit: My submission for a historical anti aircraft gunsite got accepted (Flak Stellung Rondorf, Intel-Link).

⁣⁣A bunch of Wayfinder submissions for „Zwischenfeldbauten“ - remnants of the Prussian fortification ring around Cologne - were declined beforehand. I submitted them while I had a guided tour with @andreasroland_altena from CRIFA (Cologne Research - Institute of Fortification Architecture).

These sites are rather unknown to the public, hidden in the woods from any sat view and have no information signs set up. So I wasn’t really surprised when one after another site got declined. Not surprised, but still a little bit disappointed (more about this tour is covered in this German blogpost).

Burgen, Burster und Bögen - Moseltour 2018

Dies ist mein SitRep über einen Foto- und Ingress-Ausflug an die Moselschleifen im November 2018. Etwas länger her, aber jetzt ich halt die OpSec-Frist abgelaufen ;-)

Besuchte Orte:

Prinzenkopfturm bei AlfMoselschleife bei Bremm und CalmontBad BertlichReichsburg CochemBurg EltzMertloch

It's not just the game

It's gone. The [redacted] scanner is gone. Ingress stays. The Prime scanner is only a tool in a whole ecosystem around this Niantic game. This blogpost is about the things beyond the scanner and I'll tell you a big secret at the end.

Ecosystems evolve through change. Some veteran agents used the shutdown of the old scanner as a breaking point to leave the game. The game and the vivid community were a huge part of their life in the past years but now they decided that it's time to move on and to seek out for new inspirations. That's absolutely legit and a sound decision.

In order to give them and the [redacted] scanner a worthy goodbye we did a farewell event 09-29-2019 in Cologne (see my Instagram Highlight story for some impressions).

Banner: Wasserburgen-Route

Information for the Ingress banner Wasserburgen-Route
At Ingress Mosaik:
Table of Contents
Accessibility, Know restrictions / Corona updateAbout the bannerCreditsVideo previewsCheat sheet/passphrase answersPicture credits
Accessibility Not every place can by easily reached by physically impaired agents (barrierefrei), but most of them.
Not every place is open 24/7 - but when you to the banner at normal daytime you should get in reach of every portal.

Known restrictons

Corona update April 2020: As a general rule we as banner creators recommend to stay at home in these special times.While most portals are still reachable, some might be not due to legal restrictions. We cannot confirm from remote whether the places just stopped their touristic program or locked out the public. And we all know that most castles are built to do this in an excellent way. 

But if you still want to do a tour, you might want to leave out the following missions j…

Gamescom 2019 Welcome Field

Hello #gamescom2019 ! Yesterday the world’s largest event for computer and video games opened its gates to gamers in #Cologne, Germany.

Agents HakuinHu, NaAntok and @Nelkon  welcomed this event by anchoring two #ingress fields in the South of Cologne. Actually there weren’t just two of them but 24 layers which yielded 300.000 green mind units. Because its main fields got rebuilt after a RES takedown the next morning it summed up to a half Million MU.

My home is my castle

I did another castle tour in the Rhineland. This time I had the privilege to be accompanied by agent 54m .

Shortly after sunrise we climbed on the mountain Drachenfels (dragon‘s rock). It is a renowed romantic destination.

Several legends surround the Drachenfels, most famously that Siegfried – the hero of the Nibelungenlied – killed the dragon Fafnir, who lived in a cave in the hill, then bathed in its blood to become invulnerable. Hence, the hill is named the "Dragon's Rock".

This poem made the place more famous:

The castled crag of Drachenfels
Frowns o’er the wide and winding Rhine.
Whose breast of waters broadly swells
Between the banks which bear the vine,
And hills all rich with blossomed trees,
And fields which promise corn and wine,
And scattered cities crowning these,
Whose far white walls along them shine,
Have strewed a scene, which I should see
With double joy wert thou with me! — Lord ByronChilde Harold's Pilgrimage
After this little hike we, crossed t…

Prime Memes

We all had a lot of hope that Ingress 2.0 will give us new servers and awesome new features for the "old" scanner.

What we got is Ingress Prime and the (old) [redacted] scanner. While usually people love what they know and are critical about changes the nerdy Ingress player base is usually very open for improvements and developments.

But when Niantic finally made their new Prime Scanner in 2018 public, the reactions were very mixed. While it had a modern looking user interface, brought one finger map rotation and a cool way to recharge xm with power cubes, it was slower than the old client, crashed a lot and had major bugs that prevented proper gameplay (e.g. not detecting every linkable portal).