Prime Memes

We all had a lot of hope that Ingress 2.0 will give us new servers and awesome new features for the "old" scanner.

What we got is Ingress Prime and the (old) [redacted] scanner. While usually people love what they know and are critical about changes the nerdy Ingress player base is usually very open for improvements and developments.

This is a turkish street food restaurant that I recently stumbles upon in my hometown Berlin-Spandau. I had to memefy it instantly on location while waiting for their delicious Prime Kebap spezial dish.

But when Niantic finally made their new Prime Scanner in 2018 public, the reactions were very mixed. While it had a modern looking user interface, brought one finger map rotation and a cool way to recharge xm with power cubes, it was slower than the old client, crashed a lot and had major bugs that prevented proper gameplay (e.g. not detecting every linkable portal).

Moreover it didn't had feature parity over the old scanner so the players had to use both apps when they wanted to use the full feature set of the game. When you're low on RAM and switch to a third app like a messenger it leads to constant rebooting of the whole app which can take about a minute until the whole map is loaded and you're ready to continue your gameplay.

Niantic improved a lot of issues of Prime and is still working on them, but for launching this beta status software and making it mandatory to new agents they really deserved to become the subject of a series of prime memes.

My favourite source for them is this telegram channel: .
Viktor aka agent geozukunft is doing a great job to curate all those more or less funny contributions of the content creatures who have issues with Prime - or just are into bashing by memes.

From time to time, when the green XM of our beloved enlightened portals gives me a boost of creativity I take the freedom to contribute some on my own. Here are some examples:


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