Starburst Cologne 2018

Operation summary
Type: Starburst with 203 Links
Place: Cologne, Germany
Time: 06.10.2018, around 11:00 CET
MU gained: none, as with any starburst

“In October the earth will be moving through a swarm of meteorites left by the comet P21/Giacobini-Zinner. As these meteorites burn up in the atmosphere they will create shooting stars! There is no better moment to let starbursts bloom."  (Scientific background: )

Agent and #Ingress vanguard +Claudi Ja contacted the Enlightened communities with the idea to celebrate the Draconiden meteorits shower. This proposal resonated in many #Ingress communities. Wordwide over 100 green stars lit up our world (global sitrep: ) . In combination with the stardust of the meteor, which our planet was crossing, they produced an exceptionally enormous amount XM that surely helped mankind to evolve further to a higher level.

But this sitrep is not a general one. It’s about the special starburst in Cologne, Germany.  It wasn’t the biggest and largest starburst on this day. But size doesn’t matter. It’s about being part of a large family that makes beautiful things happen.

First we had to choose the right location. Should the center of our star be a hard to reach, faction exklusive portal or a common portal in the middle of the city? We decided to go for the public option since shooting stars are meant to light up and vanish after a short time.

We chose “Die Spitze”/”The summit” as our portal. Stealth farming was easy. The portal is a structure at a playground. Almost 90% of the parents sit on the benches, stare at their smartphones and look up periodically to look for their offspring.

Equipped with a lot of keys and blessed with beautiful weather our agents spread out through the city center. Blue fields and links came down. Green links went up, up and up. The star grew and within an hour we had a beautiful starburst with more than 200 links going to the center portal.

Building the starburst at 11:00 a.m. had a lot of advantages. We took RES by surprise and had no active resistance. The starburst in the middle of a city with more than 1 million inhabitants held more than 3 hours until an ADA refractor let it vanish with a final outburst of green light.

And last but not least some crazy agents had the opportunity to take part at the starburst operations of Dormagen (Link), Leverkusen or Düsseldorf. This starburst tourism helped us to throw 9701 green links throughout Germany in total. A nice greenish afterglow from the national holiday that where we celebrated the“German Unification three days prior to our operation. This time it was about Global Unification under a sky full of green stars.

Enlighten the world and go out and play!

Our heroes of Farming, Cleaning and Linking:
Nandaleee ( +Maike H. )
Rokaru ( +Roman Karuschka )
Vreezy ( +Lars Eschweiler )
BaCologne ( +Thomas S )
MrsPiggyCologne ( +alexandra gottowick )
Nelkon (+Attila Radnai )

Special support from our eye in the sky:
doppeIkeks ( +Dieter Kummer )
Einfachaleks ( +Aleks Einfach )

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